Update from the Myanmar Believers

"The civil war is getting worse (worse and worse) across the country. It is better in big cities, however, killing occurs even in big cities. In smaller provinces, gun shooting, bombing, burning civilians’ houses, arresting even civilians and torturing unto death happen every day. The military coup uses jet fighters and helicopters to bomb villages, civilians. People die every day.

It is still extremely dark. Prices are going up day to day. In the battle areas, the civilians left their villages and fled to forests, mountains, and jungles. In Kaya state, brethren have been in the jungles almost two years. In the winter, it is too cool; in the rainy season, it rains every day. There is also a water problem also. Food problem, health problem. People died of bullets and bombs, some died of sickness even on the road, some are in the refugee camps.

Some people fled to our neighboring countries like India and Thailand, but the Thai government and the India government are not welcoming (receiving) the people who fled to their countries, instead, they arrested them and sent them back or put them in jail.

What shall we do? We have no helper, we have no rescuers, the people (we) are in hopeless condition.

We the believers who have the living God have hope only in God. When we look at the present situation, we are hopeless. When we look tomorrow (future), it is dreadful.  No mercy at all. Even children, innocent people are killed without any reason.

Oh, brethren, may I request you to keep praying for Myanmar. How long, Lord?"
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