Myanmar Humanitarian Crisis: May 31 - Status Update

Myanmar Relief Update from Our Team with Boots on the Ground

“Just now a Pastor called me from the forest (Mindat district) and told me that they left the town and went to a small village due to a severe shooting. At that small village, about 350 people are gathering as a refugee. Since they have been there for two weeks, no more food for all of them. From our  Emergency [relief] Fund and discretion fund, we decided to buy rice bags for equivalent $2000.00 and sent to near Mindat town where they can come and carry them. We plan to do it next week. The fighting happens everywhere, however, right now refugees are more from Southern Chin State, Kaya State, Kachin State, and Karen State.
Bomb explosion, gun shooting, house burning happen everywhere. The situation is never calming down.

Thanks for your help in everything.”
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