Dreaming of Jesus?

We get asked all the time, “Are Muslims really having dreams about Jesus?” The short and simple answer is yes. It happens quite often in fact. It has become rather normative in places where the Gospel is spreading to see the Spirit use supernatural means to draw people to Christ. Among former Muslim leaders who have come to faith and are discipling others, at least 40% of them reported having a dream or vision of Jesus that led them to forsake their former beliefs and follow Him. 1
Impact Global Outreach has been able to see this firsthand as our team ministers to the unreached. These divine experiences can only be explained as the Spirit of God moving. There is a sense of faith and freedom in knowing that we are stepping into communities where God is already working. The following testimony is from an iGO team member and how God used the miraculous to show someone His power and love leading them to Jesus.

Aisha grew up in a religiously split home. Her mother was a Muslim, and her father was a Roman Catholic. When marriages in this region happen between people of different faiths, it is often forbidden for the Muslim to covert. Aisha held onto the faiths of both her mother and father, but she had a deep longing to know God.

At different times I, as well as other teammates, met with her and shared the Gospel, but she was not ready to receive Him. In Islam, dreams have significance, and for two years she asked God to reveal Himself to her in dreams.

After two years of knowing and praying for her, she wrote to me saying she needed to see me. As we talked, she told me how two nights ago she had a dream. Aisha revealed how in her dream, Jesus came to her and said, “Believe in me and be saved.” Then she asked me, “What do I do now? I want to believe.”

As she spoke those words to me, the Holy Spirit brought Acts 16:31 to my mind. I told her, “Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, and you will be saved.” I explained to her what it meant to believe in Jesus. This time, through tears, she prayed to trust Jesus as her Savior and Lord. 
I'm amazed by how our Father worked in Aisha’s life.

We serve an all-powerful, all-knowing God. He knows the deepest cry of our hearts. Jesus answered the prayer of her heart that He might reveal Himself in her dreams. Through this supernatural experience, we were able to step in and lead her to faith in Him.

This is one of many stories of how God is powerfully at work in our world to bring those who do not know Him into a deep relationship with Him. We stay engaged in the work that He is doing and follow the Spirit’s leading in seeking those who are tender to His work in their lives.

1 Jerry Trousdale. Miraculous Movements (Nashville: Thomas Nelson, 2012), p. 117.

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