Myanmar Humanitarian Crisis: June 16 - Status Update

Urgent Request from Myanmar

Dear praying friends,

       Every time I give an update it is always heart breaking. We need your unceasing prayer and help. At this moment people like us who are living in the capital cities are safe but we have to be very aware of our surrounding. Because every day there is an explosion of bomb and shooting in the city. We are to be very careful.  

             But now there are people who are suffering more than us and I want to give update about them. They are in great danger and in need of great help. I was born in Chin State, 97% of the Chin people are Christian or at least nominal Christian. It is the poorest state in the whole country. Now the military coup are oppressing them with guns. While every cities are suffering alike, Mindat and Matupi Township are the worst. They used big weapons like launchers, machine guns and aircraft. They burnt people’s house and even church building. They raped and murders girls and children. Bodies are found in the yard of houses, near the road and in the sink.  So almost all the people in the town have to flee in the forest and take refuge. Two of our missionaries and their families are a victims of this. The worst thing is the military continue chasing them even in the forest. Our people have to run and move to different places. In fact now is raining season, it rain every day. I am thinking where will they stay? What will they eat?

As a Pastor shepherd of a small church, it breaks my heart so much. They brought with them a small portion of food but it’s been a month they are in the forest, the foods are not enough anymore. Many old people and children are suffering from fatigue and sicknesses. There are at least 40000 refugees in the forest from Mindat Township alone. They are in need of our prayer and support. There is a way to send them food and medicine. It is secret and I cannot mention. As we are preparing to help them, I want to invite you to be with us. I believe now is the most needful time to help the people.  God bless Myanmar!!
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