Light at the End of the Tunnel

The following is a testimony from one of our team members who recently saw her elderly uncle come to faith after a lifelong desire to know more about Jesus.

After praying for my uncle's salvation for so long, God answered our prayers last month. My uncle had been following his traditional ancestors’ beliefs with a mix of Islam. He is a man who is not easily convinced by any religion.

It all began when he was sick. He had a severe fever and dreamt about men dressed in white visiting him in his room. One of them was clearly different from the others. He was glorious in appearance and carried a crown.

In his feverish stupor and confusion, my uncle called out to my younger brother who is a believer and lives next door to him. He frantically told my brother what he was seeing at that moment. My brother, sensing that this was no ordinary dream, told him about God’s love and offered to pray with him. Because of God’s mercy, my uncle (91 years old) recovered from his sickness and continued to express his interest in the love of God that my brother had spoken about earlier. With a joyful heart and concern for his spiritual well-being, my brother informed us of the breakthrough in my uncle’s demeanor. A few days later we visited him and explained the Gospel to him. Praise the Lord he made the decision to follow Jesus immediately.

He wanted to know more about Jesus and was eager to read the Bible even in his old age. He said, "I want to learn more, so I can share with any of my friends if they are seeking for answers and are also confused about their own beliefs." It was later revealed to us he had been interested in Christianity for some time and was waiting for someone to tell him about Jesus.

He's now faithfully attending a local church with my brother's help. Indeed, we're rejoicing with the Lord as another precious soul joined the Kingdom’s family.
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