Jesus: The Perfect Example of Love

“’Mia’ talked a lot about cultures and issues her generation is facing. She is a Muslim and is aware of differences in her culture especially in regard to marriage. As we talked, she shared her views about the responsibilities of love, and then she listened as I expounded on what Christ Jesus did. I shared that Christ’s love led him to give his life for us. She was searching for what it means to truly love, and Jesus is a perfect example of love.”

Those who do not yet have communion with Jesus Christ have distorted views of love it plays out into every area of their life. Those who follow the teachings of Islam are no exception. The path for them is to earn favor with Allah by doing all that they can to follow the teachings of the Koran and practices of their prophet. Even if they faithfully follow all their lives, there is no guarantee that Allah will accept them.

As believers we have the privilege to step into their worldview and showcase God’s love in the Gospel for them. God’s love provides for us mercy and grace with justice being carried out through the death of His Son on all of our sin. This is the message that we carry within us as jars of clay. This is the truth that is renewing our lives and has the power to make all things new in our broken world.

The message of the Gospel is rooted in the character and very essence of God—love. May we urgently share the love of God found in the Gospel with a world in desperate need of His healing power and affection. Let’s pray for “Mia” to know and experience the love of Jesus for herself, and for every Muslim to hear about the true God—the God who is in his very essence is love.

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