3 billion

the number of people in the world today who are unreached with the Gospel of Jesus Christ


the term used to describe people who will likely never meet a Christian or hear the Gospel

10/40 Window

where unreached people live and where we are going with the Gospel

Who are we?

Impact Global Outreach (iGO) is a family of believers living on mission to disciple the nations with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

What are we doing?

We strive to reach the unreached people of the world through education, business, media, arts, medicine, church outreach, science and agriculture, and government. 

We think innovatively.

Access into unreached communities is created by meeting the perceived needs of the people in order to meet their greatest need.

We plan strategically.

Our targets are the unreached and unengaged communities who will never have a chance to hear the Gospel unless we go to them.

We act intentionally.

Every bridge that we build is used as an opportunity to give the
life-changing message of the Gospel.