Myanmar Humanitarian Crisis - Orphans in Jeopardy

Ongoing Plan to Relocate Orphans

Update from our brothers in Myanmar...there is a change in the funds needed for the relocation...

 L* and I came to this conclusion: the money that we received from the land [we] sold will be able to build one building for girls. For boys' dorm,  kitchen and dining hall will need $10,000.00. L* and I brought two master students who have been at BST to clean the area where buildings will be built. We have a builder for this project. This is an urgent project.

Another thing, L* and I thought that it will be wise to have a three-days salvation campaign, which will be followed by a three weeks of discipleship training. The reason is: because our H*** H*** children always see soldiers and hear guns shoot, and their hearts are injured. We feel that the training will heal [their] injury.
Today, there was shooting event again in T*** town. They shot even the church where Christians were praying, a 7 year old boy was shot killed. It is a difficult time for the people of Myanmar.

Photo: ┬ęPatrick Foto / Adobe Stock

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