Raya Experiences the Power of Jesus

Raya Experiences the Power of Jesus

As has been the case since His earthly ministry, Jesus often introduces Himself in powerful ways. One of our team members, “Ana,” had the opportunity to be the delegate of His power in one Hindu young woman’s life recently. It resulted in a first encounter with Jesus and His life-changing message for this woman.

“Raya,” a university student, grew up in a Hindu family just like the majority of her classmates who come from the surrounding towns and villages. She had been brought to the temple by her parents as an infant to be dedicated to the gods, and she has spent her life performing daily rituals and offerings to these gods. She had never heard of Jesus until the following events.

One of our creative-access platforms held an event at Raya’s campus which enabled our team to interact with students just like her who have never heard of Jesus or even met a follower of Christ. On the last day of the event she was talking to Ana, who noticed Raya’s hand was trembling. Ana asked Raya about her hand and why it was trembling. Raya explained that it was from when she had typhus as a young girl.

Impressed by the Holy Spirit, Ana pulled Raya aside and asked if she could pray over Raya’s hand in Jesus’ name. Ana explained that Jesus has the power to heal and that she would be willing to pray for her if that was ok. Raya agreed, and as Ana began to pray, Raya said she felt the trembling in her hand leaving to the point that it was only at the tips of her fingers now. Ana told Raya that it was Jesus who was healing her. Ana had to leave immediately after this exchange with Raya, but she felt confident that the Lord Jesus was going to completely heal her hand.

That same night Ana and Ellen, a fellow team member, met up with Raya to talk about Jesus who healed her. Ana and Ellen were able to share the Gospel. How Jesus is God and how she could follow Him and Him alone.

During the conversation with Raya two miraculous things in particular stood out and testify to Jesus’ love and mercy in her life. Firstly, after 15 years of experiencing trembling in her hand, it was completely gone after Ana had prayed for it in the name of Jesus. Secondly, Raya shared that two nights before she had a dream that Ana was going to pray for healing over her trembling hand. Raya said she had forgotten about the dream until the moment Ana first touched her hand to pray. It was in that moment the dream suddenly came back to her mind. Before leaving she thanked Ana and Ellen for introducing her to Jesus. She said she never knew anything about Him.

The decision to follow Jesus is something that is now weighing heavy on Raya’s heart. Please pray that she will follow Him alone even at the cost of losing everything—her family, her culture, her community.
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