Myanmar Humanitarian Crisis: Out of Oxygen

So many of the friends in Myanmar have tested positive for Covid19. Hundreds have already succumbed to the virus especially among the Chin, Karen, Shan and other ethnic groups. Some have texted to say that without God’s soon or immediate intervention they will be joining those who have already moved on to eternity. There will be no intubation, no rush to the emergency room, no D3 or Zinc to take, no oxygen. It is night. As they gasp in the darkness or lie awake wondering or huddle in groups in the forest they have fled to to avoid the war, let’s bow and and ask the Lord to send protection, comfort and deliverance. It is the very least we can do.

This is a photo (shared by Bro I). Young people have come with empty oxygen tanks. They are lined up on the ground waiting for them to be filled to take home to family members or a neighbor or friend. Sadly, they are not going to be filled and they are still waiting. The military junta is denying passage of supply trucks to this region- intentionally allowing, even facilitating the suffering.
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