Myanmar Humanitarian Crisis: April 19 - Status Update

The Latest Update

Here is the latest report from the brothers in Myanmar:

Dear Brethren,
I believe that your family and you are well. Physically we are also well by God’s grace. As for Myanmar, the situation is getting worse day after day. The N******* U**** Government has been formed, and the military coup hates and opposes it severely. There is roaming that the N******* D****** Force is going to be formed soon, and then the F****** Army. War has been going on in the North , between KIA and Military Coup, and in the East between KNU and Military Coup. Besides, there are civil forces in different towns and cities. In that way, killing, shooting, fighting happens nonstop. Demonstrators are also seen every day in different places.

In the night, houses are broken and people are arrested and sent to jail. No one knows who will be arrested. At night, we have no sound sleep. Even in the daytime, people who are driving motorbikes are arrested, but not all; people who are driving are stopped and checked and arrested, but not all. Mobile phones are checked and arrested, but not all. No peace at all, traveling in the daytime also. People who are walking are arrested and take away, but not all. It is like a night dream, but it is real.

One of our missionaries was chased to arrest, he runs away to the forest with other young people. We could not contact him for a week. One of the C*** church buildings is robbed and took away offering and tithe, and another church building is shot. Two missionaries came back to Y***** because the whole villagers fled to the forest and the other side of the country.

Prices have gone up high. Life is more difficult day by day. It is a great challenge for pastors, missionaries. Our heart is injured, and mind is disrupted.  Preaching and teaching ministry cannot be done without disruption. Some townships such as H** are under martial law which means no law at all. People can be tortured and treated as they wish. No more than 5 people can be assembled. Life is in danger every day. How long it will be like that? I am confident that nothing can happen without the permissive will of God. We rest in God by faith. Thanks for your prayers.

Yours in His service,

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