Myanmar Humanitarian Crisis: May 20 - Status Update

Latest Update

Just in from the brothers in Myanmar:

Just 10 minutes ago, one of our missionaries who is also one of the Uppu Chin Bible translators by the name of D* called me and told me that Paletwa town (Southern Chin State) has been surrounded by a military junta for four days. Many of the people left the town and went out to the forest for safety. Since my father is sick, I am at home with my father. Pray for us, we are in danger.

Another Southern Chin town called Mindat has been bombed by military terrorists for the last four days. Almost all the people of the town left the town to the forest for safety. Only older people and sick are left in the town, even those people are also tortured severely. Missionary D* told me on the phone that over eighty thousand people are in the forest. They are without food, even the people who are left in the town, the terrorist cutoff the water pipeline for the town yesterday and the people are in trouble. The military used big weapons and jet fighters to fight and kill civilians.

Again in the Northern Chin State in Hakha town where our people Christians live, gun shooting, arresting, and fighting has been going on. Civilians are in trouble and in fear of going outside. Bomb explosion happened everywhere. Today a 10-year-old boy was killed by a bomb explosion in Tedim town.

Myanmar money (currency) is very rare now. Private banks are still not functioning. Myanmar Foreign Trade is controlled by the junta, and sending money from outside is strictly limited. Prices have gone up, gasoline price has gone up.
It is hard to say that now is better [but] In some places, it is better, in the sense of a mass killing event, but in many places, killing, shooting, arresting, torturing, robbing is going. Life is really in danger.

As we believe the sovereignty of God, there is peace only in the faith-rest life.

Thanks for praying for Myanmar.

Photo: A 10-year-old Chin child is running for his safety with his homemade gun to defend himself.
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