Myanmar Humanitarian Crisis - Relocation Update - April 16

Orphan Home Relocation Update

Currently special times together are being held daily to help the children deal with the trauma of the ongoing coup outside their doors. 🙏♥️ 

How exciting! The team is laying out the beginnings of the new buildings! Thanks for praying and giving! The first part of the funds were delivered in-country successfully.

As you may recall, the team on the ground offered to sell some land so we only needed to raise $10k instead of $16k for the relocation. I have been thinking and praying about this friends-somewhat disturbed about them letting it go. Land is so precious. It can be used for farming, churches, children’s homes—for who knows what! Praise the Lord we have reached the $10k goal, but I am praying that the Lord will give us the full amount so we can tell them not to sell the land. What do you think? Will you pray with us about this?

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