Myanmar Humanitarian Crisis: July 5 - Status Update

Texts from the Ground

Please continue lifting up the people of Myanmar. The following are messages received from the ground.

“Four Chin pastors passed away this morning due Covid. Sad.”

“No vaccinne for civilians. Oxegene is not available for common people. No treatment from hospital. We sent some oxegene boxes, medicines and rice bags. What we could do from our relief funds is stilo [so] small.”

“This morning three pastors are gone.”

“Tahan, Falam, L's native village Kanaan...people are helpless. Our missionary at K village was dead three days ago. Covid is a killer.”

“Our good people die daily. We just kneel down and with tears often.”


“It is doom, terrible.”

“Husband and wife died 15 minutes apart, 30 minutes apart, 2 hours apart like that. I wish this be just a dream. It is real.”

“A pastor of Falam town told me that there 100 families that have money, no food, all sick, helpless. I encouraged myself by thinking GOD IS STILL ON HIS THRONE.”

“Terrorists block the road to Falam, not to send foods and any aids.”
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