Myanmar Humanitarian Crisis: May 3 - Status Update

Recent Update

Latest From the Brothers in Myanmar:

Last night, near Yangon city at H***** Township, in the night the terrorists entered into a Christian children home and arrested 21 teenagers who are brought up at the children’s home. No one knows where do they put them and what will be done to those young people.

Last night and this evening, a war happened in H**** town, C*** State between the military junta and the
        C*** L*** Defense Force.

Three of our frontline missionaries fled for a safe place due to war in their mission field.

The terrorists attempted to arrest young people in “M” town, our missionary is also one of them. They are now in the forest.

Jet fighters are used to bomb the CDF in K***** State and K**** State. Many civilians fled to the Thailand border. The Thai government hinders them to come into their land.

Many people fled to Mizoram State and Manipur  the state of India as refugees.

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