Myanmar Humanitarian Crisis: April 8 - Status Update

Status Update from Our Brother

Dear Brethren,

May I share with you an update:

Yesterday (April 7) morning: from 5:00 am, shooting civilians started until 2:00 pm in T**** – K*** town. Civilians fled to rural areas, forests, and mountains. Many fled to M****** State and The M****** State of I****. It is a heartbreaking event that 13 civilians were shot dead, and 18 were arrested. Many were badly injured.

Today, I heard that in C*** State and K***** State, four pastors were arrested without any reason.

Many different towns, and cities, in the night “they” forcefully entered into houses and arrested people. Civilians are scared in the night.

Private Banks are still closed, 99.5% of businesses are gone. The country has gone backward very far within two months.

People’s hearts are down, it seems like no hope.

Thanks for your whole-hearted prayer for the country. I am confident that God is working in His way.

Bro T

Photo: RFA - 12 Protesters Killed as Troops Attack Pocket of Resistance in Northwest Myanmar — Radio Free Asia ( 

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