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Be a prayer warrior. Prayer is mission work.

Every one of us can reach the lost around the world, saving them from the emptiness of life apart from Christ. Every one of us can engage in the spiritual warfare raging around the world. Every one of us can impact those that have never heard the good news of the gospel. We can accomplish these things through the power of prayer! We all can’t be evangelists and missionaries on a foreign field, but we all can pray.

We pray daily for more disciples to be made, for more harvest workers, for more churches to be planted, and for more communities to be transformed by the power of Jesus Christ.

Would you commit daily to pray with us?


Join our team. Going is mission work.

Jesus’s last command on earth was for his disciples to go into all the world and preach the gospel. As Christians, that same command applies to us. Not all of us will be called to take the gospel to another culture, or a faraway land, but we must at least consider our willingness to answer such a call.

The opportunity is great. God has given iGo many open doors into restricted access nations. We simply need people who are willing to go. We are not looking for extraordinary people. We are looking for people willing to step out with faith in an extraordinary God.

God is at work, and YOU can be a part of it.


Advance the Gospel. Giving is mission work.

As with all organizations, we have many operational costs. God is always faithful to provide for what He calls us to do. Would you consider being a part of His provision as we seek to strategically place Christians in unreached communities?

Some of the areas you can help fund include supporting individual workers on the field and assisting with operational costs to support team members. Paying for visas and plane tickets to keep our team in strategic places. By providing evangelistic tools to reach to the lost, as well as discipleship materials and training for new believers, and helping to facilitate the planting of new churches.


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